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Custom piece design process

At Ford Couture all our garments are custom designed, patterned, fitted and sewn by hand. This means that each garment is an art piece made just for you, just the way you want it. For our made to order garments we start with a consultation covering what you want to have made, some sketches, a base quote, taking your measurements and some basic planning. After you have signed off on the final sketches and fabric, your garment will be patterned and a muslin (a first draft of the garment in less expensive fabric) will be made for fitting. The adjustments from the muslin will be transferred to the pattern and your garment will be made. After one last fitting you will end up with a garment that will be the envy of the rest of your wardrobe. Great fit and impeccable workwomanship are the cornerstones of Ford Coutureís philosophy.

Ford Couture suits are all hand made using traditional tailoring methods: hand pad stitched hair canvas (not fusible interfacing), hand sewn button holes, and purely custom fit and design. Thus ensuring your suit will hold itís shape, lay beautifully for the life of the garment and look great on you. During a consultation you will decide all of the design details of your suit; number of buttons, general fit and styling, types of pockets and styling, your needs for internal pockets in the lining etc. Each suit is made to your specific body measurements with your specifications making it a one-of-a-kind creation just for you.

On our website we try to offer a range of examples so you can see the variety of things that we have made. From performance workout wear and summer dresses to suits and ball gowns. Understanding that each garment has unique call outs, we have organized our designs by category with each page having examples and information. So have a look around and imagine the possibilities!

If you have any questions, would like to get something you see on our website made in your size or are ready to get started on a new custom piece please contact our head designer Leah Ford by phone or E-mail.