About the designer/seamstress

I come from a strong arts background and got into fashion as a way to make wearable art. I love all the aspects of fashion design; the pure art of illustration and design stages, the technical problem-solving of the pattern work, and the artisan work of constructing the final piece. I have very diverse interests and love being able to work on a variety of different projects. I have made many different things from mainstream; hand tailored suits (menís and womenís), dress shirts, ball gowns, cocktail gowns, casual dresses, t-shirts, polos, performance work-out wear, swim suits, and lingerie. To more niche/avant guard; costumes, corsets, chainmail, and latex. As well as accessories; hats, bags (leather and fabric), belts, and jewelry- soldered, cast, stone setting, silversmithing... I will always strive to learn new things as well as enhance my current skills.